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Live-Performance LX Reproducing Piano Player System

We are offering an exciting new product to our customers. We began searching twenty years ago for an electronic reproducing player unit suitable to enhance the usability of our customer's pianos. I went to Yamaha's California headquarters in 1992 to learn how to service their player system called the Disklavier. At the time, Yamaha indicated that they would produce a retrofit kit to put in to all pianos. This did not happen. I performed warranty work for Yamaha for ten years on the Disklavier.

I spent time at trade shows examining the other player systems available and hadn’t found anything that matched the quality of our work.

A new system has been brought to the market by Wayne Stahnke. Wayne is the engineering genius who helped to create the modern reproducing player market when he designed a unit for Bosendorfer in the late 1970’s, the SE Reproducer. Wayne later worked for Yamaha on the Disklavier Pro. After leaving Yamaha in 2000, Wayne worked in Silicon Valley until 2003. In 2003 he began to develop the LX Reproducing Player Unit. The LX is a high-resolution playback only unit. Research has shown that the Record feature is not used by over 95% of people that own pianos with player units installed. The Record feature is also a very expensive feature to have on a player unit. Wayne decided to put his efforts into designing a high-resolution playback unit with true reproducing qualities. Reproducing means that the music is played back on the piano exactly as recorded by the original artist. The LX is the only system on the market today for installation into any piano that I consider to be a true reproducer.

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" Rondo Capriccioso, Op. 14 "

Earl Wild - Pianist

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I flew to Reno to learn about the system. I was so impressed by its performance that I became a dealer/installer. I installed my first unit in December of 2007 into a Steinway concert grand built for Pierre S. DuPont in 1928. Our company remanufactured this piano in 2007. The two videos posted on this site are of this piano being played by the LX. The recordings were made on a Sony HD Handycam. The videos are unedited as verified by the background sounds that may be evident in the audio.

Gershwin Tribute

" Love Is Here To Stay "

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Once we had the LX installed into the Steinway D, we played the piano for twenty hours. We did this to verify the reliability of the LX and also because we thoroughly enjoyed listening to the LX play the Steinway. In the past, we have hired pianists to play our remanufactured pianos, but never before were we able to listen to one of our pianos being played with such a range of music and performance styles.

The LX will play any CD’s produced for any of the player systems on the market today. The best recordings are those made by Wayne Stahnke under the Live Performance label. The Live Performance recordings were made on a Bosendorfer SE system. Some are recordings made by artists such as Earl Wild, Dick Hyman and Gerald Robbins. Some of the recordings are translations from reproducing player paper roll recordings made in the 1920’s.

The LX system includes ten CDs, player system, CD/DVD player with remote control and speakers for CDs with accompaniment. Computer hook-up is available. A list of all Live Performance music available can be found at http://www.pianosoftware.com.

Please contact us for an appointment to see the LX perform on a Steinway concert grand.

If you are interested in more information on the " Live Performance LX Player "
you can visit their website at    http://www.live-performance.com

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